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GTX 3000

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GTX 3000


The Garmin GTX 3000 is a remote-mount Mode S and ADS-B compliant transponder suitable for installation in Part 25 and upper-end Part 23 aircraft. The GTX 3000 implements ARINC, UF16 and DF16, and BDS(3,0) support for TCAS II operation. The system has high transmit power sufficient to accommodate longer antenna cable runs in larger aircraft while still meeting TSO requirements for transmit power. It is also designed and certified to meet DO-160 categories suitable for installation in extreme environmental conditions such as outside the pressure vessel.

The GTX 3000 offers:

• Level 2 Data Link support
• TCAS II compatibility
• Antenna diversity operation
• Extended squitter (ES)
• Elementary Surveillance (ELS)
• Enhanced Surveillance (EHS)
• Surveillance identifier (SI) codes
• High minimum transmit power and reply rate (Class 1)

The GTX 3000 will be standard equipment on several new aircraft platforms including the Cessna Citation TEN, Citation Latitude, Citation Longitude and Citation Sovereign, the Bombardier Learjet 70 and Learjet 75.